eco drain | downpipe diverter
MossGo Roof & Exterior Cleaner

Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter

Easy to install & easy to use.

Divert unwanted debris or cleaning chemicals from your downpipes & spouting.Great for the eco conscious, garden or as a first flush system. Made from food grade uv stabilised plastic & complete with a 5 year warrantee.

  • Collect Rainwater.
  • Divert Unwanted Runoff.
  • Clean Your Spouting With Ease.
  • Prevent leaves & debris from blocking up your spouting & downpipes.
  • The ecodrain is easy to install and easy to use.
  • Simple to install.
  • Simple to use.
  • Complies with Resource Management Act requirements.
  • Helps you to preserve our environment.
  • Guaranteed 100% diversion.
Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter
RRP $39.00 inc GST
Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter
Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter

MossGo Roof & Exterior Cleaner

Features include:  

  • Dilute concentrate to kill moss, mould and slime.
  • Apply to roof and any exterior surfaces that need treatment.
  • Rain action cleans surfaces for you over time and your e-codrains prevent tank or storm water contamination while you spray.
  • Professional MossGo application service is also available from e-codrain
    at 0508 787 742.
  • 5 litre concentrate makes 50 litres of spray.
MossGo Roof & Exterior Cleaner
RRP $85.00 inc GST
MossGo Roof & Exterior Cleaner
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